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10 Things to Take the Trauma Out Of Homebuying – Installment 3

Why should I get pre-qualified? One of the questions I often address up-front with my Buyer clients is the importance of being pre-qualified by a local lender. While you may have an idea of what you would qualify for by using online calculators or by speaking with friends, there are several reasons to go ahead…

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10 Things to Take the Trauma Out of Homebuying – Installment 1

You a first-time buyer, or perhaps it’s just been awhile since you’ve been in the market. Buying a home is one of the largest financial transactions you will likely undertake in your life. Knowing this can create a cloud of fear and hesitation in your mind and around the transaction; it is only natural. How…

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Why Use a Buyer’s Agent?

Perhaps this is a question more often asked at times when it’s a Buyers market, when the pickin’s are thought to be easy. Still, even then there are numerous reasons to have a professional working specifically for you and your interests. And in today’s market? Maybe more reasons than ever to help you navigate the…

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