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Introducing Updater: A Tool to Make Your Move Easier

When it comes to moving, the struggle unfortunately isn’t over once you’ve found your new home. Whether it’s changing your address, finding home service providers, or simply packing up your life into boxes, every step of the moving process is tedious, time consuming, and downright stressful. To help simplify your move, I’m offering Updater to all of…

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Sell Your Home! #8to2018 Week 8: Declutter

Congratulations, you’ve survived the Holiday Season! You are now ready for the last tip in our series… Week 8: Declutter Yes, again. After you recycle all those boxes and sort through the madness, did you find yourself with a few new White Elephant gifts? Those are the obvious. Find a different perspective Here is a…

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Sell Your Home! #8to2018 Week 7: Showcase

You are cruising. Despite the holiday schedule, you’ve been able to tell Aunt Gina that you can’t join her in pickling zucchini this year because you are sticking to the schedule. You have a goal, and you are so close to the New Year! Who needs New Year’s resolutions, anyway?! So, here we are, Week…

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Sell Your Home! #8to2018 Week 6: Show a Purpose

You are now in Week 6 of preparing to sell in the Spring, 8 weeks to 2018! And you’ve finished your Holiday shopping, right? 😉 So you are ready for the next tip: Show a Purpose. Do I mean you? No. Your house. It’s time to start bracing yourself for the time this Spring when…

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Sell Your Home! #8to2018 Week 5: Declutter

Congratulations, you are half-way to 2018!! High-fives all around! Ok, that’s enough for now, back to the plan. 🙂 And our tip for Week 5? Declutter I know, we did that one already! But that was just one tip to get you started and prep you for packing for your move after the winter season is…

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