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Sell Your Home! #8to2018 Week 4: The Honey-Do List

You’ve survived Thanksgiving. Even though it slipped that you are planning to sell the house and move in the Spring to a house that fits your lifestyle better. Yet you fought the tears and even made the kids take some of their precious treasures home with them. Well done. Ready for more? Let’s finish it….

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Sell Your Home! #8to2018 Week 3: Declutter

So, here we are, week 3 in 8 weeks of tips to get ready to sell your home in the Spring. Now that you are impressed with your painting skills  and are wow’d by how fresh that room looks, let’s charge on! Week 3’s tip: Declutter Declutter. We’ve all heard that before. Let’s baby-step into…

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Week 2: Tone it Down

Sell Your Home! #8to2018 Week 2: Tone it Down

So, you want to sell your home in the Spring. Seven weeks left to 2018, but who’s counting? WE ARE! Preparing to sell your home in 2018 market, here is week 2’s tip: Tone it Down. Yes, you love your lime green kitchen and the chile accent wall that really makes it pop! And you LOVE…

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Sell your Home Week 1 tip: Prep For Winter

Sell Your Home! #8to2018 Week 1: Prep for Winter

Listing in the Spring. You’ve finally decided. That was a big one! Now what? You have 8 weeks to 2018. I know you will be making other New Year’s resolutions. The gym. The diet. The reading list. No more unnecessary stress. Let’s get this one underway now. No delays. No procrastinations. Because no matter how…

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