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As much as we love our homes, there will come a day when it’s time to sell. Job relocation, upsizing/down sizing your space, upsizing/ down sizing your payment, moving closer to family…there are as many reasons we sell as there are that we bought to begin with!

Home detachment…it’s a tricky business

It’s a delicate balance living in your home while having it on the market. Your home is your personal space, the host to your memories. Yet in the process, you need to depersonalize the space to appeal to as wide a range of Buyers as possible. In other words, you need to transform your home to a house. This is a difficult process for some, but it can be exciting, too. The better you tackle the task, the more quickly your house will sell, and for the best price possible.


So, when do you start?

The earlier you can, the better. Decluttering, packing away items not in season, deep cleaning (beyond the weekly maintenance clean) – these all take some preparation time and a plan to tackle it one step at a time. If you know you want to list your house a month from now, you can make a “to-do”  list of to get done each week. And then even break it down to a few tasks a day. The earlier you start, the more manageable it will be, and the better your house will show…and the faster it will sell!

Market, Location, Condition

There are three factors when deciding how to price your house for sale – the local market, your property’s location and the property’s condition. The first two are not items we can influence or change. Condition, on the other hand, is where you can affect the potential market value of your property.

Pricing your house right in the market is the largest factor to sell your house quickly and for as much money as possible, and no amount of marketing can overshadow or correct pricing out of market. In pricing your property, you must take into consideration the property’s condition in comparison to your local market and properties that will compete against yours to attract Buyers. You will attain the highest market price only if your property shines to a buyer; if it looks like it needs work, elbow grease to clean it before move-in, or doesn’t have enough storage possibilities it will not attain the maximum price for the location.

As soon as you know you are planning to sell your house, call a REALTOR®. They will be able to tell you where your property would currently be positioned in the local market in it’s current condition. A great REALTOR® will also be able to walk the property and make suggestions as to changes in condition you could make to affect the marketing and attain maximum price in a sale.

Included here are some helpful tips to prepare your home for sale.

Request a marketing and valuation consulation.

We are pleased to offer a no-obligation, free in-home visit and evaluation of your where your home fits in today’s changing market.

Online automated valuations draw from public and factual data only. They can’t account for local desired amenities, condition and updates. Allow us to help you more accurately value your home to market to today’s buyers.

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