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New Year’s Resolutions?

Now that we are at the end of January, are you on track with your New Year’s Resolutions? Did you, like many others, decide that this year, for sure, you are going to purchase a home and stop renting? Oh, yeah. 😉 I know, I know. Fortunately, I have a link to get you started, compliments…

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Ten Signs it’s Time to Sell Your Home

YES, a couple of these are silly. But a couple might hit it right on the head… The kids have all graduated from college.  You and your husband finally have time to yourselves…then they move back home! You have three spare rooms in a four bedroom house. You have to shuffle your cars each morning…

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It bears repeating…

I posted this about a month ago, but just had a presentation to a Seller yesterday and pulled this up as an example. Because they are so low, interest rates have a greater impact on affordability than either appreciation or depreciation factors at this point. Every 1% change in interest rate impacts affordability by 11%….

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Homebuyer Deadline Looms

Homebuyers Deadline LoomsThere are only 6 weeks remaining for homebuyers who plan to take advantage of the Federal tax credits to identify their next home and successfully negotiate a contract! The extended 1st-Time Buyer Tax Credit and the expanded “Move-up” Credit both require qualified Buyers to be in contract by April 30, 2010 in order…

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10 Things to Take the Trauma Out Of Homebuying – Installment 3

Why should I get pre-qualified? One of the questions I often address up-front with my Buyer clients is the importance of being pre-qualified by a local lender. While you may have an idea of what you would qualify for by using online calculators or by speaking with friends, there are several reasons to go ahead…

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