If you live in the City of Idaho Falls, you are now enjoying some of the lowest power rates in the nation!

Why are out electric rates so low?

Earlier this year, I received this flyer in the mail with my monthly bill. It includes data from 2014 local usage. The residential rate shown here of 6.25¢ per kilowatt hour is less than half the national average! As folks look to relocate to our area, utility rates are ALWAYS on their minds, as most often they are relocating from high rate areas. THIS IS A GREAT SELLING POINT FOR IDAHO FALLS!

Can it get any better?

Why yes, it just did! Our power rates just DECREASED – that’s right, dropped! – to 5.35¢/kwhr! Curious just how that does compare nationally? Happily, IF Power has created this handy illustration for us. It’s staggering how much money that hydro power really saves us!

IF Power 2015_rate_comparison

And what is hydro power really about, anyway? Just in case you aren’t sold yet, how about this piece, provided again by IF Power in their summer newsletter. IF power summer 15

Visit Idaho Falls Power online for more information!

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