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Six Selling Myths Uncovered

Recently, I have come across these this piece and find it to be rather valuable to Sellers. These are also items that come up regularly with my own clients, so I thought I would share this here. Not too much to read in a day, more to come! Chris   Myth #1:  You should always…

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Overpricing

Thinking of Selling? It’s a tough market out there still for local Sellers. Still, homes are still selling, and everything will sell for the right price, right? If you just said ‘no’, consider this extreme example: even that 3,000 sqft fixer-upper house across the street with a 3-car garage will find the right buyer *quickly*…

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The Importance of Staging

Well, staging is certainly a hot top in real estate these days, particularly in the rest of the nation where the market has really slowed. However, even in Idaho Falls our sellers can benefit from staging their home with it showing better, attracting more potential buyers, and allowing the buyer to picture themselves living in…

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