Pandemics change housing

Can we expect the changing housing trends that are resulting from the pandemic to stick around, or are they temporary ‘fads?’

Did you know…the powder room originated with the Spanish flu – a hand wash basin immediately upon entering a home?

Here we are with 2020 happily in the rear-view mirror! I think it’s safe to say this year will ultimately be considered to be a pivotal year in many aspects. More people shopped online than ever before, stay-at-home orders, record unemployment and the introduction of a wide-spread ‘work from home’ movement that we will likely retain to some degree in our employment systems going forward. Even education was shifted to an online-based model for many, and for some continues to be.

When you think of the effects on your own household, what worked and what isn’t working as well, how much of that is reflected in the space you occupy at home? Can you see yourself as the portion of the population reconsidering their home space amid changing housing trends?

  • Is the ever-popular ‘open floor plan’ now perhaps something you would trade for more a more traditional plan with closed off rooms for sound transmission and privacy?
  • If you had just one more bedroom would that be enough for work and home schooling space?
  • Do you have only one living room and a second public space would give more room for everyone to roam inside?
  • What about a home gym…maybe if you had a larger garage?

While inventory is scarce and with interest rates beginning to climb, now is a great time to evaluate how we live in our home spaces…and how we might do it better!

Ready to get ahead of your spring competition? Register here for the next steps! Because as we know, our area is growing in demand and people are moving to Idaho Falls from across the country. And since they’ve already committed to move, they are more likely to benefit from the changing housing trends earlier than those that are sitting on the fence.

More on housing and moving trends here in this Oct 2020 article from Forbes.

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