As Realtors, we are advocates for home ownership, by definition. It’s in our pledge:

“To protect the individual right of real estate ownership
and to widen the opportunity to enjoy it”

Many of us contribute personal funds (not tax-deductible) to fund grassroots campaigns designed to alert our membership and the public about issues in our nation and individual states that threaten these principles by affecting the affordability of real estate, myself included.
Yet in these economic times, “everything is on the table.” Here are two items that will affect you personally come tax time next year, if they are not renewed. 
Have a look at your taxes from this year and the mortgage insurance premium write-off you were able to take, if eligible. Think it’s no big deal now?

See the article at Houselogic, here. The Houselogic website is brought to you by the National Association of Realtors.

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