Listing in the Spring. You’ve finally decided. That was a big one! Now what?

You have 8 weeks to 2018. I know you will be making other New Year’s resolutions. The gym. The diet. The reading list. No more unnecessary stress.

Let’s get this one underway now. No delays. No procrastinations. Because no matter how much you plan and think you are ahead in the moving game, it will ALWAYS come down to a last minute rush. Which means stress. And you will pledge to get rid of your unnecessary stress, remember?

So, you’re in! Here we go, my tips for week 1 (this week, right now!):

Prep your house for winter. You are doing this anyway, right? Here are a few we sometimes skip, that this season are crucial to prepare to sell your house.

  1. 8 Week to 2018. Image of house gutter full of leaves.Clean out the gutters.

    The trees have dropped all their leaves, now is the time. Before it rains or snows and they get all moldy and gross. Because when we get our February melt, the gutters need to do their job. Now is not the time to risk water intrusion into your home. Enough said.

  2. Get your furnace serviced.

    I know you haven’t done it for at least four years, because it’s working fine, right? Get it done. Your buyer will ask you to do it later (which is a pain because you will be busy packing), and you will have a receipt to show it’s all in great shape. And if they do find something that needs to be done, you will also reap the benefit of a more efficient furnace for the heating season.

  3. Unhook your hoses from the hose bibs and cover the faucets.

    There is likely still some water in your hoses. And when it Image of hose bib covered for winter.freezes, it expands. And backs up into your faucet and could cause it to break and leak into your house. It happens, I promise. Just put the hose away, this one’s easy.

  4. Winterize your sprinklers-get them blown out!

    You’ve probably already done this, but if not there’s still time. No one wants to deal with broken lines in the Spring. Here is a service I personally use if you need one today.

Stay tuned for Week 2’s tip: Tone it Down!

8 weeks to 2018!

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