So, you want to sell your home in the Spring. Seven weeks left to 2018, but who’s counting? WE ARE!

Preparing to sell your home in 2018 market, here is week 2’s tip:

Tone it Down.

Yes, you love your lime green kitchen and the chile accent wall that really makes it pop! And you LOVE to paint, so it’s not a big deal to you that the next person can simply repaint if they don’t like it, right?


Unfortunately, your first showing is in the pictures online. And crazy as it sounds, while your house might be the right space for someone else, they may not share your taste in decorating. And with one glance at your marketing photo, you may miss the opportunity for a buyer to have a second showing by actually walking through your home because they don’t want to paint the minute they move in. And it’s even likely they just finished painting their own house in order to list it to sell!

So, take it down a notch. Or if your walls feature builder beige from ten years ago, consider changing from warm tones to today’s cooler tones. It’s okay if you need to repaint your feature wall to something more #REALTORgray and boring. The important thing is you want your buyer to notice your pull-out cabinets and new tile backsplash, details they shouldn’t miss! Appeal to the largest market possible. #HowWeSellisNotHowWeLive

In case you missed the start of the series, here is Week 1’s tip.

And on to Week 3!

Now, let’s get your home sold in 2018!


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