So, here we are, week 3 in 8 weeks of tips to get ready to sell your home in the Spring. Now that you are impressed with your painting skills  and are wow’d by how fresh that room looks, let’s charge on!

Week 3’s tip: Declutter

Declutter. We’ve all heard that before. Let’s baby-step into it, shall we? This is a super easy one, and Oprah approved! Yes, a tip from Oprah this week!

Have you heard of her closet hanger experiment? It works like this: walk into your closet and take every item that is hanging on a hanger and hang it backwards, with the hook facing you instead of away from you.

Image: Closet hangars facing foward and backward. Week 3 Tip: DeclutterAs you wear an item, return it to the closet with the hanger facing in the correct direction. At the end of the season, you will know exactly which items you never even wore the whole season!

And when it’s time to pack away the winter clothes in the Spring, first grab all the items you didn’t wear and put them in a trash bag-it’s time to move on! Put the bag in your car and drive directly to the DI or the Idaho Youth Ranch, before you have second thoughts. And don’t forget to get a receipt when you deliver it – that’s still a chartable donation! (ask your accountant about an additional tax advantage to bringing it to IYR).

Now you will have that much less to pack and haul to your new home!

Next up, Week 3!

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