You’ve survived Thanksgiving. Even though it slipped that you are planning to sell the house and move in the Spring to a house that fits your lifestyle better. Yet you fought the tears and even made the kids take some of their precious treasures home with them. Well done. Ready for more? Let’s finish it.

Week 4 tip: The Honey-Do List

Remember when your guests kept crowding in the kitchen at Thanksgiving, completely underfoot, and you pulled out the silverware drawer and suddenly felt so self-conscious, wondering if Aunt Nelly noticed that a rail is broken? Probably. Well, she did. And so will the next owner of your home. You know, the one we call your BUYER.

First, your future Buyer will notice the drawer. And the bad miter job of the trim project that you started four years ago and didn’t quite get around to finishing and fixing. In the meanwhile, you’ve forgotten all about it!

New shades, old hanger holes. Finish it!Then you replaced the old blinds with new shades, but the shades didn’t cover the holes from the brackets and you have not yet filled them in and repainted the trim to finish it. It’s only been a year, sheesh! But now that you look at it, it does rather stick out like a sore thumb.

And of course, most of all, that one thing that bothers you EVERY SINGLE DAY and you just wish it would go away. Your buyer will feel the same way. In fact, they likely are tackling the same issues and small projects at their house now, so they certainly don’t want to take on a whole new honey-do list the day they move into a new house!

How to patch a hole in the wall.

Consequently, you will need to finish it. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Grab your tools or your Uncle George or Sister Sally. It’s time.

Let’s finish it!

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