Congratulations, you are half-way to 2018!! High-fives all around!

Ok, that’s enough for now, back to the plan. 🙂 And our tip for Week 5? Declutter

I know, we did that one already! But that was just one tip to get you started and prep you for packing for your move after the winter season is over (in case you missed Oprah’s trick, it was Week 3’s tip, below).

Why does everyone continue to harp on the decluttering bandwagon?

Because when you are ready to show your house for sale, you want it to look neat, clean and organized. Because that makes it feel larger and more comfortable. A room with every shelf filled to the brink, with knickknacks on every surface, and with every inch of wall space covered by family photos and your child’s ‘art’ can feel busy…which can be uncomfortable to someone who is not you. And while your knickknacks that have been passed down for three generations are charming for your family while you live there, we are aiming to make it welcoming for the widest audience possible. And it’s highly unlikely your grandmother is going to be the one to buy your home! Declutter and Donate!

This week, challenge yourself a little bit. Grab one lawn trash bag and see how fast you can fill it with items to donate. Does he really need ALL those ballcaps? Who plays those old video games, really? Are all those knickknacks really of sentimental value, or are there some items that lately you love a little less and that won’t fit into the décor in your new home? And I know you loved them and looked fab, but are your REALLY going to fit into those skinny jeans again? And if your New Years’ Resolution does stick this year, don’t you deserve a new pair anyway, and wouldn’t you love that more?

Just one trash bag (unless you’re really getting into it; in that case, go for the record!). You’re going to feel good that there is less stuff in your house/closet when your guests arrive for Christmas Dinner.

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