You are now in Week 6 of preparing to sell in the Spring, 8 weeks to 2018! And you’ve finished your Holiday shopping, right? 😉

So you are ready for the next tip:
Show a Purpose.

Do I mean you? No. Your house. It’s time to start bracing yourself for the time this Spring when you need to distance yourself from your HOME and think of it as a HOUSE. Somewhere you once lived in comfortably. Sometimes too comfortably. And that brings us here.

We all have that awkward space or two that really doesn’t have a purpose. It’s a bedroom/office/craft room/dumping ground, no one is really sure. It just catches everything.

In my house, it’s a spare bedroom that also has a desk, a permanently-set-up ironing board in it and the closet is filled with ski and hiking clothes and gear. And Halloween costumes (yikes!). Do we have room for all this elsewhere? Yes. It’s just not as convenient for us today and we don’t need the closet for anything else. This is perfectly fine for us to live here, but I know that if we one day decide to market our home for sale, the closet needs to get cleared out and arranged to look like a clothes closet again. And the desk has to go. It’s a bedroom, and should look like one!

Show a purpose: what is the purpose of this room?Do you have a nook off your living room that is hard to figure out? Buyers will have a hard time, too. Define it for them. Show it has a purpose. If you need help, call me, I’m happy to help (despite my clogged up spare bedroom)!

For more, see this on Zillow. Staging Strategy: 5 Reasons Every Room Needs a Clear Purpose

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