You are cruising. Despite the holiday schedule, you’ve been able to tell Aunt Gina that you can’t join her in pickling zucchini this year because you are sticking to the schedule. You have a goal, and you are so close to the New Year! Who needs New Year’s resolutions, anyway?!

So, here we are, Week 7: Showcase

? What in the heck?

Think of this: if you were to take photos of your home and invite strangers to tour it TODAY in order to entice them to buy it, what would be the ONE GREAT FEATURE you wouldn’t want them to miss?

If you are stumped, other than it was a great place for your family, then take heart. This is a planning week.

Typically, a person should reinvest 3% of their home’s value per year back into the home to keep up with the market. That not in maintenance items, but upgrades. When was the last time you upgraded your home?

Modern kitchen. Plan your showcase feature.Take a look at your kitchen with fresh eyes. Do your appliances match? Are they more than 10 years old? Are they almond/brown/burnt orange or avocado green? Is the vinyl floor yellowed a bit with age? Do you still have the builder-special faucet, not a nice goose neck one? Is the clear coat finish on the cabinets wearing off in front of the sink? Are these items you would showcase proudly in the marketing of your home?

Walk into your bathroom. Is your toilet the old 3.5 gallon flush? Is there carpet in your bathroom?

Are all the fixtures in your house the inexpensive, builder’s special brass color that wears off with time?

Plan your Showcase feature

All of these are opportunities to make some updates to freshen the look of your house. Think for a moment about where you are going. When you move from this house, do you want to buy a house with old appliances that you will have to replace?

I know you don’t want to do it, but neither does the buyer that walks through your house and considers whether or not to make an offer.

Take stock, have a look at your budget and what is possible.

Don’t go crazy. Call your REALTOR for advice on which items are most important in selling YOUR house. Discover what you’d like to really SHOWCASE. The online photos are your first showing, so lets make it shine!

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