Thinking of buying your first home?

Wondering where to start? There are five critical considerations to keep in mind before you get in the car and start shopping homes. These items address your lifestyle, financial health and ongoing costs of home ownership. And they need to be thoughtfully considered before you purchase your first home…or any home, for that matter.

screen shot of 5 things to know before you purchaseDownload my free guide: 5 Things Everyone Needs to Know Before Purchasing Their First Home, updated for 2018. In this list, I also outline why these are so important to your homework prior to making your decision to buy. Should you not give these items proper consideration, the result could very well lead to buyer’s remorse.

If you’d like to go another level deeper than my five items, visit this article from Forbes: 10 Things You Need Absolutely to Know About Buying a Home. Note that the mortgage interest deduction information has changed with the new tax law, which going into effect in 2018.

You are not in this alone!

Feel free to share with anyone else you know interested in purchasing a home this year. And if you are looking for a proven negotiator, CONTACT ME today to put my local experience to work for you!

Chris Pelkola Lee, REALTOR®

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