Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to buy a house in 2018? Good idea, and you’re ready to finally take the plunge! Yet you are still putting it off. Why?

Because it’s just One. More. Thing.resolutions

It’s now just one more thing on your to-do list. How many websites do you scour daily? How many pictures have you seen, wondering what the floor plan is like, why aren’t there more photos, and why are they crooked and warped? Why are some gone in a day and some still there after three months? And weren’t we supposed to have smell-o-vision by now? How many times have you abandoned your online search because its Just. Too. Much.  ?

And now it’s a tough market for Buyers.

If you know anyone in the market, either buying or selling Idaho Falls real estate, you have likely heard about inventory shortages and about buyers in bidding wars and losing out on offers. It’s happening here, too. While no two transactions are the same, wouldn’t you rather work with someone who has experience in up and down markets and can help guide you though this one, too?

We all have enough going on in our lives.

This is where working with a dedicated agent can help. As your representative, a REALTOR® can sort through the available homes, watch for changes in the market, even preview homes for you so you only have to take the TIME to see those that might really suit your needs. Sound like something you need, so you can get back to planning your next adventure? Give me a call, we can do this. Life is Good®. Let’s make it better.

Text me today. 208-201-2034.


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